"What will you do with your one wild magic life?"

Deborah D'Onofrio


If you’ve found your way here to my online sacred space, welcome!  I'm honored you found me and followed that deep down knowing voice that steers you to the next step on your soul path, and to the place where you can find others like you; women dedicated to their spirit, to living wild, free, creative, no-apologies, fully supported, self-determined, self-loving, deservedly joyful, awakened doing, lives.

I believe that we, the generation of women walking the earth right now, are Legacy Builders. We build these futures by shaping our now. Circle Magica and what I do here, revolves around your process. Your process work brings you into clarity of who you are, what your soul is calling you to do, and how you will move through this world to do it. 

We do this in many ways: with live and online circles that explore our soulpaths and journeywork. We create in sacredcraftwork circles; the act of making heals, reveals, inspires and re-connects. Gatherings focused on intuition and honing your psychic, seer, visionary skills align you with the divine in ways that bring greater joy,understanding, abundance and peace. Gatherings steeped in earth ceremony, ritual, magic, flowing with the moon cycles and seasons and all things sacred feminine, are found here as well. Plus, private sessions potentize your self-healing, direction, and ability to steer with confidence the soul course of your life.

If you’ve landed here, it’s a safe bet you're ready to live your one wild magic life -it's time to sink your roots and spread your wings.