I arise today, through the strength of heaven, light of sun, radiance of moon, splenor of fire, speed of lightning, swiftness of wind, depth of sea, stability of earth, firmness of rock.

-the deer's cry


Welcome to Circle Magica, Home of Wild Magic Life.

 I’m Deborah Fay D’Onofrio, healer, sacred circle tender , mixed media artist and writer. I’m also resident green hedgewitch and I’m happy you’ve found us. Circle Magica is a sanctuary and space that invites you to explore and deepen your spiritual path, reconnect with your own deep wisdom, live abundantly and from your truest wild self.

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Because I practice from the place of witch, I incorporate the influences and alliances with nature, cycles & seasons, ebbs and flows of moon and sun, the material and otherworldy (spirit companions, animal/plant allies, ancestors and Source/Goddess), magic, and the alchemy of light and shadow. Circle Magica honors your unique path and supports you through a variety of gatherings, workshops, retreats, private healing work and inspirational blogposts.

In our healing work as women, we learn to see ourselves with fresh eyes. And quite often, we recognize that we are not who we’ve been made out to be. We learn to dismantle limiting or damaging “trainings” life has given us, peel back veneers of misconceptions we’ve adopted over the years, allow ourselves to ask questions & find our own answers, reveal the ways in which our deepest self wishes to live. We craft spiritualties suited to our personal needs, interests, resonances, and evolutionary direction.

Many of us have found truth and homecoming, a re-membering within sacred circles of women. In these circles we reconnect with our essential soulful and womanly natures. We re-engage with our instincts and reacquaint ourselves with our inner GPS (intuition), we find joy, wise counsel and unconditional supportwhen we consciously realign with our Source, spirit companions, mentors, ancestors and peace when we re-learn how to live in harmony with nature and the beauty of life. In these times, we are being called to express our innate spiritual gifts and talents, to be wise women, wildwitches, emissaries of earth magic and bearers of truth, shifting paradigms and manifesting a new dream of wholeness, well being and abundance for ourselves, families and the world.

I invite you to spend some time visiting here; explore the Classes & Events pages to find the most up to date classes, workshops, events. On the Healing pages learn about  Spiritwork, and Wildwood Tarot One Card Pull. Download free MP3 meditations on the Love page and subscribe to our newsletter/blog to receive our powerful "Journey to Summerland " guided meditation to meet a loved one in spirit.

I welcome inquiries and questions and look forward to sharing the journey with you.