How foreign it can be, particularly come the holiday season to remember stillness, wonder, astonishment. The very touchstones of the season are often lost to us as we lurch headlong into the reflex of rush and race, forgetting the reasons we celebrate at all. Slighting nature's cue to curl into the dark times, we miss out on the mystery that awaits us in candlelit silence, we are out of step with ancient rhythms meant to re-store and renew. Instead of finding solace and grace, the dark times may leave us feeling shadowed, emptied of good cheer, unwilling or wanting to socialize; at odds with family, or missing those no longer with us. Pressure to measure up wrings the joy out of us and we'd rather just burrow beneath the covers till it all passes.

This year I propose a change and extend a radical invitation; a welcome home; a return to self-compassion, kindness, simplicity and well-being. A way to stand still in the very heart of the Season of Light. 


This year trade in the stresses of the season for a daily dose of Holiday Peace

30 Days of Holiday Peace
  A virtual sanctum softly glowing with sacred stillness, luminous quiet, inspirational words, poetry, holy breath, centering meditations, a bridge of serenity back to beingness and presence. 

Our private pilgrimage is underway but there's still time to come along.  You begin on whatever day you join. You will receive all videos from the day you join onward delivered to your in box each morning.  They take the form of a mini- retreat video (appox. 5 minutes to insure you can fit in this respite any time during your day).  Filled w/passages from favorite books, poems, quotes and writings-each day's message crafted with care and thought. Meditations and breathwork are spirit inspired and in the moment. 

All videos you receive in this collection are yours to keep and watch as often as you like, and your generosity is rewarded when you treat your tribe to their own membership. Discounts apply when you purchase multiples so you can pass forward the gift of Holiday Peace to all your special someones.


 Let's spend this sacred time together celebrating all we have that 's worth loving, mindfully appreciating the blessings in our midst, affirming a future of peace and hope.

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30 Days of Holiday Peace
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