A Woman’s Circle of Power2

I feel circle work is essential for women these days.  You have an important part to play in the lives of those you care about, in your community, in a bigger web of existence. Our changing world demands us to be our most sovereign, present and conscious selves. Circle work is one of the most potent transformational tools we have to acheive this.  Our impact on the future and for future generations depends upon our choices now. Your influence is a necessity to insure the healing of Earth and her peoples. As a woman you are a vessel of and messenger for the Sacred Feminine. Help tip the scales toward balance and right power. The healing begins with you...

In circle we explore-we learn to dismantle limiting or damaging “trainings” life has given us, peel back veneers of misconceptions we’ve adopted over the years, allow ourselves to ask questions & find our own answers, reveal the ways in which our deepest self wishes to live. We craft spiritualties suited to our personal needs, interests, resonances, and evolutionary direction.

Many of us have found truth and homecoming, a re-membering within sacred circles of women. In these circles we reconnect with our original soulful and womanly natures. We re-engage with our instincts and reacquaint ourselves with our inner North Star (intuition), we find joy, wise counsel and supportive community when we consciously realign with our Source, spirit companions, mentors, ancestors and peace when we re-learn how to live in harmony with nature and the beauty of life.

 In these times, we are being called to express our innate spiritual gifts and talents, to be Legacy Builders, wise women, wildwitches, emissaries of earth magic and bearers of light, shifting paradigms and manifesting a new dream of wholeness, wellbeing and abundance for ourselves, families and the world.

  Gatherings will run as seasonal series. Each session will be divided into:

time for meditation

sharing utilizing talking stone

time of reflection/ intuitive messaging / responses to sharing.

 Women are encouraged to bring items for the altar that symbolize their current pathwork or process, any totems or power objects they would like to charge, and any divination tools they use such as cards, pendulum, crystals, bones & stones, runes etc.

Magic Apothecary Sacred Mists help set sacred space and of course, Circle Magica’s own Divination Tea will be served.

Limited to 7 participants per session. 


Session One: May-August (combining Spring and Summer)Wednesdays: May 10, June 7, July 12, August 9.

Session Two: Sept-Dec. Dates TBA.


$45/evening. Must commit to entire series. To preserve circle integrity, no walk-ins once series has begun.

~Please note the Little House has a resident feline.

A Woman's Circle of Power 2
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