A Woman’s Circle of Power2

When you don't have community, you are not listened to; you don't have a place you can go to and feel that you really belong. You don't have people to affirm who you are and support you in bringing forward your gifts. This disempowers the psyche, making you vulnerable to consumerism and all the things that come along with it.

Also, it leaves people who have wonderful contributions to make holding back their gifts, not knowing where to put them. And without the unloading of our gifts we experience a blockage inside, which affects us spiritually, mentally, and physically in many different ways. We are left without a home to go to when we need to be seen."

Sobonfu Somé, The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships


AWCOP1 originally came about a few years back. At that time, Spirit suggested a format that offered several ways within the evening for us to bond and grow as spiritually aware women. After my sabbatical, AWCOP2  was born and this is its current form:

First, we set sacred space with an altar, candle lighting and an invocation to Goddess, the elements, Ancestors and spirit. Women are encouraged to bring items for the altar that symbolize their current pathwork or process, any totems or power objects they would like to charge, and any divination tools they use such as cards, pendulum, crystals, bones & stones, runes etc. I lead a guided meditation to open and center us within, to ready us for the personal sharing and intuitive messaging that will follow.

In circle we explore-we learn to dismantle limiting or damaging “trainings” life has given us, peel back veneers of misconceptions we’ve adopted over the years, allow ourselves to ask questions & find our own answers, reveal the ways in which our deepest self wishes to live. We craft spiritualities suited to our personal needs, interests, resonances, and evolutionary direction.

Sharing our stories and life journeys in a sacred, safe and welcoming environment can be a revolutionary act for a woman who has not known the positive, empowering  kinship of other women. She can find this in and of itself radically heart opening and healing. For those of us accustomed to such a process, we rely on its power to shape our soul unfoldment . We use a talking stone so that one woman speaks at a time (or she declines if she chooses) and is actively listened to. She is honored. She can take space and time to think, listen to her inner voice and perhaps most important, be heard. How often do you really feel understood and authentically repsonded to? To be free to express your vulnerabilities, to be accepted as you are? This is the intention we hold.

We respond to what we have heard after sharing time and then move into offering each other intuitive messages, or choosing a card from Tarot and oracle cards on hand. A woman may feel led to consult the earth element with a crystal or fire with candle flame. Or she may ask to hold a ring or bracelet or other personal item to gather information. There are many ways we can access our inner wisdom, intuitive knowingness and subtle impressions.

Blending process sharing with intutive development has proven to be not only a unique coupling but also raises consciousness, expedites healing and skill levels rapidly. Many of us have moved through sticky past scenarios, repatterned limiting habits or thought processes, awakened voices that refuse to be silenced, weathered job losses, the death of loved ones, relationship and career changes and challenges. We've felt the thrill of delivering a message that was "spot on", and witnessed each other blossom as our talents communicating with spirit and the Otherworld have grown. 

Many of us have found truth and homecoming, a re-membering within sacred circles of women. In these circles we reconnect with our original soulful and womanly natures. We re-engage with our instincts and reacquaint ourselves with our inner North Star (intuition), we find joy, wise counsel and supportive community when we consciously realign with our Source, spirit companions, mentors, ancestors and peace when we re-learn how to live in harmony with nature and the beauty of life.

Magic Apothecary Sacred Mists help set sacred space and of course, Circle Magica’s own Divination Tea will be served.

Limited to 7 participants per session. 

2018 Sessions:

Session I: February 7, March 7, April 11 and May 9th /$200

Session II: June 19, July 17, August 21th /$150

Session III:  September 11 , October 9, November 6 & December 4th /$200


  Prepay for EarlyBird discount, save $20 (Session II runs from June 1-12, and Session III from August 19-31st) or pay  as you go $5o/evening. Must commit to entire series.  Payment required for all sessions  regardless of attendance. To preserve circle integrity, no walk-ins once series has begun.

A Woman's Circle of Power 2
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