Steady & Ready: Grace Giveaway Today

I've posted this on my Facebook page this morning and want to make sure you who follow along here know that I fell called to offer a GRACE GIVEAWAY TODAY-....Yesterday's election events and the inevitable fall out has me doing what I do-making and tending. Here is something I'm a-making just for us- to help us pick through the emotional rubble and regain out footing and vision for whatever is to unfold. The words "Steady & Ready" sprang to mind in the form of a special blend (Lime,cedarwood,copaiba,vanilla,lavendar, ocotea). So we have either a Sacred Spray Mist or body oil to choose from-to charge our person... or surrounding environment or to give out to friends and those who need a bit of solid ground. I am offering a Grace Giveaway today. Just post a comment below to enroll and win a bottle of your choosing. Also,the blend is now ready for you $10/choice. Free local "broomstick express delivery", pick up at the Little House or $4.00 to ship.

 Today is a new day, friends! Love to you. x