Mercury Retrograde: Perfect Way to Usher in 2017

MERCURY RETROGRADE is to be honored and seen as a blessing in our lives because THIS IS a quarterly opportunity that arrives each year to help us SET THINGS STRAIGHT.

This is when ALL THINGS WRONG come up to the surface and slap you down so that you can really see them and see that changes need to be made.

This is going to be such a productive Mercury Retrograde session as we go back to REBUILD and really think through how to RECREATE a life that makes us feel YES!

We are thinking about how we want to GET THIS RIGHT and fully go over the steps WITHOUT RUSHING, so that we really do the best job possible at whatever is a dream in our lives right now.
— KV/Aquarius Nation

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Goodness, how precious life is. The late afternoon sun is warmer today-temps reaching nearly 50 degrees- it softly streams through the picture window I'm nestled beside. I sit snuggled under a thick mossy green blanket pausing, thinking about this time as one year wanes and  the next has yet to arrive. The mantle's fairy lights twinkle, the christmas tree keeps me company. All is still here except for the occasional whir of a passing car. Moments like these are special and welcome, and the news just in of actress Carrie Fisher's death on the heels of singer George Michael's passing on Christmas day, make them all the more appreciated. Death, the ultimate attention grabber, sobers me, providing its perennial message of urgency. Don't fritter away your time, be about the business of living. Enjoy, connect, use your gifts, make a difference. Show up for the messy and hard stuff. Leave this place better than you found it. 

I like what KV has to say about this Mercury Re-trograde, productivity through Re-building, Re-creating. I've come to understand these astrological influences in a more constructive way, moving beyond the typical doom and gloom, duck and cover reaction it garners. The message fits in with the upcoming New Year (though I celebrate mine on Samhain-the Celtic New Year on October 31st/November 1st). As many sift through the past year taking stock of what has passed and consider what may come to be in 2017, it is only natural to look back to Re-examine what worked and what didn't. We might take to heart the advice to work with the energy of this Re-trograde to lay a foundation of greater strength and cohesion based on learning from our past actions and outcomes. We could slow the pace, here in this last week of 2016, and make time for the stillness of a special moment to influence us, carry us across a threshold into the realm of spirit and truth. We might listen deeply, expectantly, discerning the path that will lead us to our yes. 

A significant yes for me this year is indeed found in looking back- to the tracks of my ancestors. This March the boys and I are trekking "down South" to Tennessee on a pilgimage to trace roots and belonging. We will visit with my paternal relatives and journey to the homes of my family present and of yesteryear. We will bring the video, audio and photography equipment to capture the stories and sights along the way. Place, belonging, the land and my relationship to it, is a central interest, theme and direction for me as I enter my Saging years, and this trip is one that will bring so much to us, especially Niko, and I -as we really don't know much about the history of our roots. I sense that a Legacy will be born from this experience too. A looking ahead to what I can give back to those whose shoulders I stand on. That if not for them, there would be no me, no crazy D'Onofrio family, here at the Little House. What can I pay forward, what can I continue on with, keep alive or perhaps even Re-surrect in their memory, in their honor, in homage to what can be.

We have much to consider this year in particular, as history takes a turn with the insertion of this new president.  I wonder if you feel like I do- the time of living history is upon us. The time to live our legacy is now. In whatever ways the stillness reveals your mission for the year ahead, may you strike out on the road full of vigor and willingness. May you make the most of what was, and kindle the future with its lessons. May you be full of yourself. May you bring that self to everything you do, with awareness, fully invested, sails billowing, compass pointed true North. 

To 2017, and to working your Mercury Re-trograde with grace!