A Purge Reprieve: 2 Castles, 2 Farms + 1 Sea (Sort of)

You’re off to great places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain (or in our case; castles, farms, sea) is waiting.
So...get on your way!
— from- Oh, The Places You'll Go!, Dr. Seuss

What a summer! There is nothing like the weight of a deadline bearing down to snap one into action. With the lease up at the Little House in a few spare months and Niko heading off to college in five weeks (!) , the urge to purge is epic.  So much to clear out- if you follow on Facebook you know I've spent July burning through- so far- 15 of 24 boxes of old paperwork. And putting hands on every single item taking up space in the basement and garage, and deciding. Stay? Craig's List?? e-bay?? Donate??? Trash???? Burn????? Shred?????? Freecycle????????? The idea is to be done with all of it-  ending in a two day sale: Day One is the Private Preview Sister Sale on Saturday July 30th. And Day Two is a general public yard sale. Then, the remains shall be donated, still working on where, but currently I'm liking the big truck rolling up and hauling it all away option (and to be relocated in a venue where they can find worthy homes elsewhere). It is a jumble of cathartic release, memory lane, embarrassing realization (how could we drag  this much with us from house to house- without even opening the boxes for years on end?), maddening, brain dulling, exhausting, grimy, satisfying.....and while I am sticking to a fairly diligent schedule, this weekend past I needed to  .step away. 

Won't you come along?  Here you'll find a photo journal of the weekend- 2 Castles: Hammond Castle in Gloucester , Ma. the site of  the annual Abbadia Mare Renaissance Festival, a planned excursion we make each year, and the second quite pixie-led, to Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, in Ipswich, Ma. 2  Farms include: Russell Orchards in Ipswich (for a scone of the strawberry /mint persuasion), a must to fortify the beachcombing that followed and Green Meadows Farm, S. Hamilton, Ma., a place Id been passing forever and decided to stop and snag dinner provsions-in this case, spicy fresh arugula, chevre, a crunchy baguette, picture perfect tomato. 

Oh, and the Sea? Well, technically it isn't the Sea at all, but the Atlantic Ocean. Sea just rolls off the keyboard so much better. You'll catch glimpses of it here and there throughout, beacause it's summer and sea and summer go together in these parts.

Scroll through using the carosel function to see all the photos, it's fun :)


Hammond Castle

Russell Orchards

Crane Beach

Castle Hill

Green Meadows Farm


 Sale on Saturday July 30th is 12-4pm, at 947 Great Pond Rd., North Andover, Ma. My cell if needed is 978.873.1346. Park on the side street, South Bradford.

Now, time to get back to it!  Till soon, friends. xx