Diary of an Earth Daughter: A Visit w/the Heitmanns

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My Mainers; Norm & Pat Heitmann

Though neither Pat nor Norm were born in Maine, with Pat moving to "Vacationland" in 1973, and Norm settling there at age 3,  I still think of them as My Mainers. They have adopted the ways and lifestyle so you'd not know otherwise. Their home pictured below, nestled in a woodland grove, set back away from the road and neighbors, is a quiet space removed from the hustle of outside life.

Relaxed, warm, inviting describe both my friends and their space. You may recall from our HeartStone House vlog that I met the Heitmann's during a series of classes I taught on intuitive development a few years ago at ZuZu's Healing Arts Ctr. in Melrose, Ma., and we became friends from the get go. Many of the classmates made friends with each other and we have all trekked up at various times to visit with Pat and Norm. It was and continues to be a magical coming together of kindred spirits. 

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Home Sweet Home, a woodland retreat

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Backyard Birch sentinels

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Words brought to life at the Heitmann homestead

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All manner of magical creature takes up residence

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Prayer stone

What can I tell you about my friends? To begin: Norm has spent the last 38 years working his day job as a lawyer, raising family (7 children between he and Pat though none together and 6 grandkids) and as he told me, "Even as a child I knew there was something 'more'. So other than when I allowed life to interfere (which was almost always) I was looking for answers.....Thirteen years ago I decided to stop letting life get in the way and began seeking in earnest."

What I adore most about Norm is his willingness to stretch beyond his comfort zone and traditional convention. That as a professional in a decidedly left brained arena, he's been willing to seek truth wherever the road led him, albeit down some more of the less traveled paths, speaks to his courage and sincerity.  He typically fell into the role of token male- as most often the only guy who showed up for the classes I taught. Not put off in the least and maybe enjoying all the sisters he spent time with, he brought all of himself to our circles, participating fully, contributing thougthfully and lending a compassionate and encourging spirit. When I first worked with him in my classes, I had no idea (some intuitive, eh??) that it was a reach for him to partner with any one else or practice readings or work in small groups. He only mentioned this in passing many moons later, and it endeared him to me all the more.

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Pat, a trained sign language interpreter, has worked in the field for 30 years with assignments ranging from Shakespeare to President Obama to welding at Job Corps to heart catheterizations and birthing. She and Norm met through her work and they eventually married, now with 24 years to their credit. "Retired" these days, Pat shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, she is a licentiate minister with the Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism (Pat says it was their son who passed away that brought them to the study and embrace of Spiritualism, with 'lots of signs and signals on the heels of his passing'. And that 'it became crucial for me to understand what became of him').

 For the many credentials Pat has racked up over her lifespan, my sense when I am with her is that ministering is her genus loci, nurture and Mother her native tongue. No doubt the diversity of life experience and challenges she's overcome are offerings laid upon her altar of living, perhaps enriching innate capacities to empathize, counsel, care. Combined, this means one never leaves her feeling as less. Most often, I find her presence lingers with me, for days after I visit, like summer's last light.

In the time that they've been together, both Pat and Norm have become certified hypnotherapists, trained with Brain Weiss, M.D. in past life regression and teach and facilitate Akashic Record sessions and classes. Additional trainings include IET, New Paradigm of Multi-Dimensional Healing, use of color, sound and crystals. They're also Reiki Masters who teach, practice and host a weekly Thursday evening Reiki share and healing circle at their home. Time is made for those who wish to develop their channeling skills and message work, and often Norm transmits messages from his spirit teachers and guides.

 To hold up treasures such as Norm and Pat highlight the best of what humanity can be. I am certain they are points of light illuminating places that otherwise would rest in shadowy forgetfulness. They are proof no matter how remote or off the beaten track, even in the far flung reaches of Northern Maine, that goodness dwells, hope spreads and love prevails. 

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The road less traveled is richly rewarded.

To connect with Pat & Norm Heitmann:

207. 356. 5756 norm

207. 356. 8577 pat