New Video Clip + The Divine Call to Action + Last Day!

Whew, the times we live in, eh? I feel like we are deep down into the birth canal, no turning back, but neither far enough along to know what we are delivering. Birth is messy and this one is certainly no exception, is it?? What we are birthing as a world has yet to be revealed, but there can be no doubt we are laboring through history making moments that will define us forever.

How have you been doing, friends? So many of us seem to be body and soul-whomped, hurtling on waves of chaos, fear and rage, crashing onto shores of despair and disbelief. Some are floundering, strung out, hostile, bewildered. Every media outlet is lit up with the latest debate, report of today’s fake news, outcries of horror, stories of misery, alternative facts, conspiracy theories. We ride a toxic merry-go-round, each day another round begins, many succumbing to the rogue vibe through mental fatigue, physical illness, emotional exhaustion.

In the midst of this, however, the Divine Call to Action is rising up.  Some are called as Resisters and have even laid claim to a Beautiful Resistance. They fight the good fight, they’re demonstrators, justice seekers, rally marchers, activists supreme.  They are the, “it’s gonna be a loud four years”- voices that demand to be heard. They affirm the times require more than hitting the send button, they bring their bodies to their causes (for some their bodies ARE the causes), they show up in the flesh. Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. writes of the Women’s March on Washington in her recent newsletter:

Of the women I knew who were marching, and those I met on the plane, and those I talked to there, most were participating in their very first demonstration, and like me had felt “called” to be there.  The same could be said for those who organized these marches. We had responded from inside, from a heart that moved into action. This sense of being called or of saying “Yes!” is something important to remember: recollect other times in your life when you felt called to do something, to make a commitment, to change direction, to do what you felt was yours to do—from inside out..”

Others are Healing (R)evolutionaries. Back in October I went on an immram, an Irish form of vision quest. In it, I was transported to a place where the night was black, hushed, cold and clear. Suddenly two fierce warrior women appeared fighting each other both riding glorious white horses, swords flashing and ringing out as they struck one another. After a time, they battled off the screen in my mind’s eye their mounts whinnying, teeth gnashing, eyes rolling. Then I saw myself standing in the doorway to an ancient round house. I understood it to be a place of healing. The glow of the hearth behind me shone around my body, glowing like a fiery aura. I wore a floor length linen dress and over it a white apron. I wish I could describe to you the feeling of peace and calm. It was clear I was no warrior woman. I was a healing woman. And I felt completely myself and exactly where I was meant to be, doing precisely what I was meant to do. Utterly right.

I was reminded of this vision recently when chatting with my friend and extraordinary woman and healer Rebecca (whom you’ll get a glimpse of soon in our first Diary of an Earth Daughter vlog when we visit her and Z’s Heartstone House in Hampden, Maine) When the topic Inevitably turned to politics, Rebecca said she takes to prayer and meditation as her chosen forms of activism. From Darcey Blue’s recent post on Lights in the Dark at Imbolc:

“But I am not a fighter...I have always been a healer, a beacon, a times I have described it as a "harbinger of another way to live in this world."  I fall outside the cliques and crowds, and I'm standing here on the edge, raw in my feeling the death throes and labor pains of this world.
This time is asking us to become the lights in the darkness.  Imbolc, that time of darkness, when we light candles, we burn fires to keep the winter at bay.  This time when the sheep begin to lamb. This time when sap begins to rise for a new cycle.  
How are you becoming a light?  What is your gift in this time of transformation?  How can you feed this fire? What can you offer the world to bring and share hope?”

Like these women, I find myself called to act as healer, providing sanctuary, refuge, solid ground in wavering times. To hold space for the quiet, the reflective, the gentle, the unfurling, the mystery, the revealing, the magic of (r)evolution. Writer Laurie Penny says, "All kinds of activism will be needed in the coming months and years. Including the quiet, gentle activism of quiet, gentle people."

 Rider-Waite Deck

Rider-Waite Deck

From this week’s Magical Monday Musing class and the major arcana card, Judgement, we worked with understanding that we might indeed be called to act. To enact or allow our death, to let parts of our self die so that we could be birthed into something different than before and accept this as a rite of passage into a new phase of life. We are being asked to birth higher purpose. The week’s work coincides with world events and responses on so many levels and offers an empowered foundation for us. The Judgement card can also teach us about the nature of being the judge and judged. Sound familiar too? What a gift to have the cards and spirit to keep us focused and in the deeper and higher perspective right now. I’m profoundly grateful to this group- a form of my healing activism. The women here are ones you’d want to sit elbow to elbow with, all of us in support of each other’s journey as we each make our ways through the choices before us now and in the days ahead.

 Wild Unknown Tarot

Wild Unknown Tarot

Today is the last day to join for February’s class. I hope to see you there.

May you hear the call clear and bright and have the courage and wisdom to follow where it leads.