Weekly Divine Download: You are the Beginning of the Transformed World

Each week when I teach the Magical Monday Musing magical tarot class, I work with a card that was pre-selected by a class member (or myself) back in December of last year. We pulled the cards face down so they couldn’t see what we chose. I recorded them on a calendar so when the week arrives that corresponds with the card picked, it becomes the featured card we study.

This week the card is the Wheel of Fortune. Not only do I blend my and others’ interpretations from an array of resources to describe the card and its archetype, but I also work with spirit to provide channeled messages for the class. These past few weeks the hubs and I have put together a video clip for you to get a glimpse into the week’s energy dynamic and highlighting a few of the messages that have come through- Divine Downloads.

The Divine Downloads tie in beautifully with what seems to unfold in the members’ lives plus what is happening in the outer world. This week the messaging reminds us of the importance of taking up our “responsibility” as in our response – to what is happening in our lives, paying attention and acting accordingly. The video clip speaks to The Wheel’s suggestion for us to be prepared to risk or take a gamble. Will you be called this week to step out of a comfort zone, to respond-to, something that is yours to do even if it seems too big or too much? Will you find the impulse within to take a risk and dump an old story, to scratch a way of being you are ready to banish? Will you allow yourself to birth a brand new personal paradigm in response-to a soul service you might feel called to, a sphere of influence you may be able to contribute to, a cause that is yours to speak to? Is your heart opening to a population you’ve never interacted with before? Do you sense a need to get involved with a community or tribe of kindred spirits that inspires you? Are you being pulled beyond old boundaries seeking new skills or taking them to another level? Are you feeling an inner nudge to study, advance, reveal your indwelling greater, wiser, holy you?

Accepting a calling is a holy act. It ushers you through a doorway to self-transformation. When you agree to take the initiation, you enact an irreversible decision to shift into a new form of yourself. You become a transformer, you radiate this, emanate it, are it. Your field pulses with this new you and it can be contagious. Others are drawn to you, often having no idea why! They just want to be near you because they want what you have. They want that same sense of connection, of self-possession, of power that comes from working your path actively and to the best of your ability. You raise consciousness by being conscious. You raise awareness by being aware. You heal by accepting healing. You spread joy when you are joyful.

In this way, you are the beginning of the transformed world. This week the Wheel is spinning and as Kim Krans, author of The  Wild Unknown Tarot writes, “..when this card appears the eye of the wheel is fixed upon you. Don’t be surprised if there’s a change of course heading your way, something you’d least expect. Whatever happens to you during this time know that it is bringing you closer to your life’s purpose.”

Blessings of the Green & Wild

Deborah Fay