First of "Spring" Celebration Sale Weekend Now!

With the time change this weekend and Full Storm Moon on Sunday + 2 NEW SACRED MISTS  it feels like time to celebrate! So all weekend we are having a 10 % off sale at the Magic Apothecary. 

Why Use Sacred Mists anyway?

Therapeutic grade Essential oil mists are much more than a pretty smelling room accent. In fact, they are super(she)ro energyworkers: they act as space holders and energetic containers when used in ceremony, ritual, counseling, coaching, healing or meditation work. They also lend a particular vibration to your auric field and physical place when used for personal or professional occasions. They can disperse, undo, dissolve, free up that which is bound, shed that which is no longer useful, send packing that which is no longer desired.

They bring their magics to you via their unique botanical properties and personalities to yield powerful blends of aromatherapeutically based healing agents, transformational tools, and can align you specifically to what they are crafted to embody. By entering through your olfactory system, they deliver immediate results without the need to assimilate, digest or penetrate skin. This makes them a superior ally to add to your spiritual & well-being toolkit.

The mists also make thoughtul and empowering gifts to those with whom you live, love, companion and work. The Archetypal Sacred Mists are unique birthday gifts and can be a meaningful contribution to any rite of passage ceremony, transition celebration or life change acknowledgement.  A sale weekend is an ideal time to stock up!

We are introducing 2 brand new mists plus offering 10% off the entire apothecary collection. Enjoy, and let's welcome that extra sun and moonlight, shall we? 



NEW Mists:

Steady & Ready Sacred Mist-

Steady & Ready is a creation made with the intention of adding a little grace to help you cope with the mad world in which we live. When life seems to be topsy turvy and you aren't sure which way is up or out, this would be an excellent time to reach for Steady & Ready. This Sacred Mist is intended to surround you in a vibration that will reach down on a cellular level and bring restorative grounding and resilience. Steady & Ready can assist when you are preparing for an anticipated challenge or in the event you are surprised with a sudden turn of events or unexpected upheaval. It is the strong shoulder and strength that smoothes over such times. In addition, it can aid you when you find it difficult to settle your mind or feel restless, when you need a break from yourself (!) or life in general.
A pure, therapeutic grade essential oil blend of: Balsam, Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Lavendar. Fixed with alcohol. 

Listing is for 2oz. amber glass spray bottle

Rebirth Sacred Mist

Rebrith Sacred Mist is designed to align you with the deeper truths and aspects of self that wish to come forward and be brought out into your life. It can act as a companion to help hold sacred space for shamanic journeys, soul retrieval work, shamanic dismemberment rituals, therapeutic rebirthing work of any kind. It can encourage one to be brave when riding through the birthing/death passages of life and willing to rise above or rise from what once was. An empowering blend of therapeutic grade essential oils, Rebirth calls one back to wholeness and greater self-realization. Use this mist to encourage new beginnngs, fresh starts and to make deeper and lasting connections with your Sovereign Self. 

This Sacred Mist is appropriate to include in your Spring Equinox, Easter, Ostara, Passover and other celebrations focused on rebirth, hope, renewal etc.

A pure, therapeutic grade essential oil blend of: Ylang Ylang, Olive fruit oil, Lavandin oil, Geranium, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Spearmint, Lemon, Cypress, Davana, Lime, Ocotea, Jasmine, Blue Tansy, Rose. Fixed with alcohol.

Listing is for 2oz. amber glass spray bottle.

Heart Sacred Mist

This Sacred Mist is inspired by and created in honor of friends Z (Don Dickel) and Rebecca Nelson, partners at HeartStone House in Hampden, Maine. My family and I were planning our first trip up to visit and I wanted to make a spray as a gift for them. Tuning in to them and their sanctuary, warmth was the feeling that wished to be expressed through the blend. Orange is who first raised its hand to be included and when researching various meanings, I discovered its age-old associations with generosity and gratitude – two qualities that couldn’t have been more spot on for this duo. Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley add, “Orange brings peace and happiness to the mind and body and joy to the heart…”. Having the main oil decided, the accent additions came together and include: lavender, cinnamon bark, geranium and frankincense.

This sacred mist is meant to evoke the feeling one has when she rolls up to a friends’ home for the weekend and knows she will be enthusiastically welcomed, well nourished, and cared for by those who find joy in giving of themselves graciously, and who charm a space with their own brand of magic, love and creativity. One leaves full of fond memories, contented, and reminded that good folk do indeed exist in this world and that you are lucky enough to know at least a few of them.

Gift this Sacred Mist to those whom you wish to celebrate, appreciate and honor. Appropriate for those needing warmth, kindness, upliftment, encouragement, strength, comfort, to be reminded of basic human good heartedness, generosity, good will, friendship, love, romance.

A pure, therapeutic grade essential oil blend of: lavender, orange, frankincense, cinnamon bark, geranium.

Listing is for 2oz. amber glass spray bottle.


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Root & Awaken Set (also sold individually)

Every season offers a chance for reinvention, renewal, reflection. We root down our intention seeds into the core of our awakening dreams. As soul gardeners, we claim our new beginnings and tend them until they come to life. Clear it out, leave it behind, get right with yourself, start fresh.

Begin by spending some time considering what seeds you will commit to tend and how you will go about that. Start with Root and spray yourself into sacred space, then write, sing, speak, or dance out your intentions. Add a second layer with Awaken, and let the spray raise you into a place where you can vividly imagine these intentions alive and real in your life. Repeat this process daily for a full moon cycle or at least 21 days to instill what you are working for into your psyche and subconscious. After your initial round, evaluate where you are, and if needed continue until your cycle is satisfied.

This listing features 2 2 oz. sprays:

Root contains: Ylang Ylang, Scotch Pine, Atlas Cedar,White Fir, Angelica, & Juniper therapeutic grade essential oils, distilled water, fixed with alcohol.

Awake contains; Geranium, Sesame seed oil, Cyress, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, distilled water, fixed with alcohol.

Blessings of the Green & Wild

Deborah Fay