Issue I: Diary of an Earth Daughter's Wild Magic Woman Cinde Perdigao

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 Welcome to our inaugural edition of Diary of an Earth Daughter’s Wild Magic Woman. In this limited edition series a guest blogger takes the page and adds to our living library of woman voices, each telling stories from her own Heroine's Journey. They speak from all walks of life and perspectives and spin tales of seeking and discovery, power claiming, creativity, spirituality, transformation.  

Each edition comes in two parts: In Part I you get to meet my guest blogger as we visit together. In Part II, my guest takes the page and invites you into her private world.

Today you will meet friend, creative, photographer, teacher and heroine Cinde Perdigao. 

In this edition’s video you’ll see why Cinde is our first Wild Magic Woman. I hope you'll be inspired by her unique story and talents.  Click below and join us now for Part I of our series. Tomorrow you'll receive Part II,  Cinde's essay: "Heroine: Arriving in Authenticity".

A few of Cinde’s flowers and their stories:


pink dahlia open signature image.jpg

 My energy flower.  This was one of the first flowers I ever photographed up close and it was the beginning of my transformation process through creativity.  When I photographed this flower, it was brilliant with energy.  It came at me through my lens and completely enveloped me.
This is a signature piece for me and I often take it with me on trips or during times when I need to feel connection.

Lotus also called “Support”

pink lotus like.jpg

I had always wanted to photograph lotuses.  They are sacred flowers.  My best friend and I discovered a small patch of them in a location outside the city.  We were finished shooting for the day, when suddenly it started to drizzle.  We were packing up, but turned around one last time and this lotus was bathed in light and rain drops.  We raced back to photograph it.  For me the leaf symbolizes support for the flower.  It is a gentle guidance for the flower to grow.  This flower, dappled in light, has a slight leaning in…..craving the intimacy of the dark.

Fuchsia also called “Elegance”

columine one open others closed.jpg

 Again, created during some close-up work.  Often, I just place myself behind my lens and let the flowers speak.  This flower was part of a pretty fuchsia plant.  Here, I love the gentle coaxing of the buds by the flower.  I always look for the “story” to reveal itself in an image.  The story here are those two buds waiting to bloom.  There is the energy of potential in this flower.  This flower like some of my other work, has a textured background added after the image was created.  This is an important technique for me, in that it allows me to present the emotional conversation of the image visually.  I try to compliment the emotion of the flower with the proper texture. 

Pink Dahlias

pink dahlis in green vase.jpg

I don’t often use vases or containers in my work.  I like the story of the flower to be undistracted.  However, these cheerful pink dahlias appropriately “rested” in this small green vase.  The middle of the flower is the real story in this image, giving birth to flowing petals.   Again, the image is complimented with a matching texture.  This was a gift for my mother one spring.

Anemone.  Also called “Presence”

pink purply open poppy like with greens.jpg

A strong flower without a doubt.  This flower is neither soft nor friendly.  The story of this flower is its strong stem that curves up to an opening, strong center.  These flowers bloom quickly when you buy them, so you must be ready to shoot them right away.  This flower opened on my way home from the flower store in my car.  Its large petals are strong and veiny and act like a beckoning hand.  The background texture was chosen because it was not a distraction from the presence of the flower. 

Gladiolas “Darkness Arrives”

b and w gladiola.jpg

 Not all the stories told by flowers are full of light.  The stalk of gladiolas lent itself perfectly to black and white.  Full of contrast and a treacherous ascension of sorts; It drips with finger like petals.  I have a color version of this piece which doesn’t convey they story of trepidation that the black and white version does. 

Botichitta Cyclamen  “Unfurling”

pink twisted bud.jpg

Another energy flower for me.  I waited for days for my cyclamen plant to start to unfurl.  I would always somehow miss it—it would open at night or when I was at work. Finally, with patience, the story is told through the unfurling petals.  It’s just beginning to open.  This flower was a true parallel to my process and journey. 

Red Cyclamen  “Desire”

red cyclamen.jpg

This is perhaps one of my strongest flower images.  This poignant flower with its deep red geometric petals mirrors the notion of desire.  Yet, the turbulent texture in the background illuminates the difficulty surrounding desire. 


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To view more of Cinde's work and learn more about upcoming events or to contact her directly:


Blessings of the Green & Wild

Deborah Fay