Diary of an Earth Daughter: Garden Dreaming

Today the sun will sink beneath the tree line across the street dipping into Great Pond at 5:15pm. Come the Spring Equinox we will have 12:08:55 hours of daylight with the sun setting at 6:56pm. These longer stretches of light and hint of warmth stir my inner gardener out of hibernation. Soon I will retrieve seed flats from the potting table in the dark recesses of the garage and fill them with soil designed to get this year's garden hopefuls underway. I will pluck the jewels from last year's successes out of the cigar box; the Jackson heirloom Stripe, R.L and 2016 tomato seeds,  Selena's Roma and Leslie's squash. This year I'll fill in with my first order from the reknown Fedco seed catalog. Garden dreaming has begun!

A photojournal today, whether your inner gardner is like mine, anticipating the joys of what is to come, or you are simply in need of a reminder that the good green season will be upon us in no time! 

xmas garden beds only.jpg

Last year's humble beginning....

xmas garden fence done.jpg
xmas blooming garden.jpg

in high season....

xmas huge squash.jpg

mighty squash.....

xmas huge leaves.jpg
xmas cherry toms.jpg
xmas yello tom with tape measure.jpg
fedco seed books pic.jpg
mary azarian book cover pic.jpg

An annual pleasure: leafing through the pages of Mary Azarian's delightful book each winter.

mary azarian bird house pic.jpg
mary azarian double spread pic.jpg
mary azarian pussy willows pic.jpg
mary azarian glenwood stove pic.jpg

Blessings of the Green & Wild

Deborah Fay