For knowing who we are at our core, for expressing that into the world against all odds.
— Rebecca Altman, Kings Road Apothecary

~My work is steeped in earth centered and archetypal wisdom, ritual, magic, lore, myth, shamanic practices and aligned with nature, animal and plant allies. And yet from my earliest spiritual explorations, I found companionship with the angelic and spirit realms and so I weave earthly, universal and other worldly influences.

~As an intuitive healer and spiritual mentor (shamanic, hands on, empath/psychic/mediumistic) I’ve walked between the earthly and otherworldy places to bring back messages, healing and bodies  of wisdom for nealry three decades. I have nurtured long lasting relationships with Spirit and allies on the other side that provide a wealth of direct and original teachings that provide the base curriculum for online classes, workshops and tutorials. Tarot studies provide a focus for one of our  private membership communities.

 ~As a creative (mixed media artist, writer and blogger, image maker), my interactions with beauty, natural presence and environments, texture, and color have been life changing. What began as a hobby, making handmade holiday gifts, turned into a cottage business and led to published works in the craft industry. Your inner artist is invited to explore and play with art tutorials, free inbox journal prompts and inspirational love offerings.

~Of Root & Raven Wing is part gypsy caravan, cosmic classroom, healing temple, art studio and moonlit bonfire.  The blog engages you with people, places and things that embody true living from the core, mystery, mythic & mystic life, and reminds us that the little moments and experiences in life are the ones that matter. Stories from my personal travels and inner journeys are an intimate glimpse behind the veil of life as it unfolds.



~ As a green lover & hedgewitch (apothecarist, herbwife, gardener, nature worshipper), I incorporate nuances and alliances with nature, cycles & seasons, ebbs and flows of