“For knowing who we are at our core, for expressing that into the world against all odds.”
~Rebecca Altman, Kings Road Apothecary

"Some women fear the fire

Some women simply become it."

~RH Sin

Welcome to Circle Magica: Wild Magic Life. Here our focus revolves around reclaiming and living from our truest self. We remember this place with the help of the power of beauty, nature, spirit and story. We are an online learning center and sanctuary, and home base for the inspirational and travel blog, Of Root & Raven Wing. You will find links to the Magic Apothecary, our Etsy shoppe too.  

We are a safe nesting place for you to find shelter, to sink roots back into the fertile realms of Self, meaning, purpose, and joy.

I am Deborah Fay, tender of this space and am a shamanic and magical arts practitioner, member of the Sisterhood of Avalon, blogger, and mixed media artist. I live in the suburban wilds north of Boston with my husband, son and wee feline.