Deborah Fay


"Hearth as altar, work as worship, service as sacrament."

Celtic Triad

First and foremost, Deborah acts as holder of sacred space for you to discover, claim and live your Wild Magic Life. With the blood of her paternal foremothers as wisewomen, midwives, herbwives and homesteaders running through her veins, the calling of healer was a natural one. She lives and practices the arts of magic, green hedgewitchery and shamanism and as such, she embodies one who is dedicated to holding space for the empowerment and evolvement of her local and virtual Circle Magica community.

Deborah is influenced by her nearly thirty years of spiritual explorations, eclectic and diverse range of education and experience, all of which lends an enriching and deep universal wisdom to her healing, teaching and mentoring style. In the spirit of her ancestors' way, she opens her virtual home, and online learning center, Circle Magica, to those seeking refuge & sanctuary; for those who wish to gather with kindred spirits to learn, reclaim wholeness, direction, purpose, well- being, creativity, peace, and joyful expression.

 Whether it comes in the form of an online gathering, private membership study group, self-paced study tutorial, the offering of one of her handcrafted herbal preparations, or seasonal ritual experience, the intent is to provide support for the very earthy and cosmic journey of your life.

To live this life and do this work is a privilege and gift. Deborah shares it with her husband, son, and feline. At the time of this writing she makes her home nestled in the wilds north of Boston where on any given day visitors often include deer, fox, raccoon, fisher cat, coyote, ground hog, hawk, heron, turkey, rabbit, snake, salamander, turtle,and the occasional dragonfly.