The Wildwood Tarot is a guidance system of truth, power, magic, and a pathway to profound transformation and self-understanding.  If your time has come to move into a more awakened, joyful and wise way of being, then please accept this invitation to come along with us each week as we explore our lives and study the Wildwood Tarot together.

Magical Monday Musing Private Membership community is an online sanctuary that meets weekly and includes:

~ a weekly video class featuring:

          ~ a Wildwood Tarot card pull (& also a look at its corresponding Rider-Waite, Golden & Wild unknown Tarot cards)

~ guided meditation to work with our spirit guides, allies, ancestors and the archetypes of the cards themselves

         ~ intuitive interpretation & readings especially for our private community

This membership is for you if:

~You long to get back in sync with yourself

~ You wonder what direction to go, wonder why things aren't working out as you planned, seek your own answers to your life's questions

~ Seek the company of others to learn and grow with on your spiritual path

~  Have you tried this class or that workshop but end up disappointed or losing interest after a while

~ You want to step into your deepest potential and purpose but aren't sure what that is or how to do it

~ Are  wishing for wonderful, supportive and inspiring energy to tap into week after week

~ If it is time for you to take a supported step on your path 

~ You are ready to add your light and power to the world as you gain clarity, inspiration, guidance, direction on how to make the most of your experiences and opportunities

~You are ready to be part of a virtual community that is learning and growing with the wisdom of the Wildwood Tarot

~You are ready to develop a personal relationship with the archetypes and energies of the cards

~You are ready to develop a personal divination system that can act as a foundation for day to day living


 how does the membership work?

You can join Month to Month


You can join Quarterly:



April -June


(*You must join prior to the first Monday of the month to qualify for membership to either option, no pro-rating) 

You will receive a weekly email containing the written description and password protected video posts. There is no expiration date for use, so you can watch the musings as often as you would like and keep them for reference throughout the week and coming months.

~In addition~


A private Facebook page to share thoughts, experiences, resources and more.

"Tarot is always whispering to you. Tarot weaves truth, stories, secrets, and tales. All you need to do is slow down and listen." 
-Sasha Graham

Investment: You choose-

Monthly (less than one fancy coffee/week!)

$25, $30, $35

Quarterly (Save $5):

$70, $85, $100.


Please sign me up for another month of Magical Monday Musings.

It’s been such an equalizer in keeping the frantic daily issues especially at work lately, at bay.

Thank you for sharing and guiding.
— Marcy
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