The Wild Magic Way Manifesta describes guiding beliefs from which I live and work.  They have become the truths that I navigate from and I want to share them with you here.  Pour a nice cuppa and nestle in.

Once we believe that there is a purpose to life and that we have a soul, then what we do with our life, matters. When soul and purpose come together, when we follow a path with heart, then we are on course.
— Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.


1. Our life, or SoulJourney, here on Earth is a quest to awaken, to remember who we really are, and what we are here to do.

We are SoulJourneyers and we are the Heronines and Heros of our life stories. Our epic adventures unfold as we SoulJourney from child to adult. "Maturing" usually means the loss of our innate sense of self-knowledge and soul-full-ness. Most of us are reprogrammed by outside influences and external authorities to set aside the internal domain in favor of the "real world". We surface dwell. We can be seduced to slake the shadow self's thirst for the superficial, hollow life of material acquistions, fame and fortune, treasure hunting for the trophy mate.  We may have been convinced by the voice of inner fears to play small, dummy down, become invisible, to keep our mouths shut. To perform roles, take jobs or vows to please others.  In a million and one ways we may have been talked, coerced, shamed or forced out of true selves, essentially becoming entranced, hypnotized, and like Sleeping Beauty, fall under the spell of Forgetting Who We Really Are.

2.  This quest can be confusing and fraught with difficulties. 

 We will remain in this state of suspended soul-animation for only so long. Our soul wants to grow and thrive and eventually our quests must lead us to seek our wholeness, recover our depth, and know ourselves again.  We've got big plans afterall. But this can be a tricky proposition-especially if our shadow self is snuggled contentedly like a dragon perched on top of its hoard. Its survival depends on us sleeping our life away and it is only too happy to point us into the murky forests of illusion, reinforcing non-supportive habitual thinking, limiting behavior patterns, distracting us with addictions, compulsions. We may fall prey to hereditary & ancestral baggage, past life repeats, unfinished karmic business. We may descend into a dark night of the soul experience-a time of profound and acute loss, chaos, personal or professional devastation, illness, injury, or other radical upset. Or we may simply feel worn out, too depressed, anxious, or unmotivated to pick up the trail.  (Many move onto the following steps, but there are those who loop back over and over stuck in the quagmire of forgetfulness, often their entire lives.) Ideally, however we continue on and learn...

3. We never quest alone.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are surrounded by spirit helpers, companions, family members, ancestors, the spirit immanent within all living things. We are part of a regal cosmology that includes archetypal powers, the presence of gods, goddessses, a vast cadre of beings both of the earth and beyond, of a collective unconsciousness with motifs and symbology known to all souls that influences us in profound ways. Each is ever available to us. We are members of a divine web of intelligence that responds to us, our thoughts and actions. We are guided in our daily rounds but also our during sleep state and through the limitless ways Life seeks to engage with Life. We may find an ephipany pierces a black mood, or a synchronicity shifts our perspective. A meaningful symbol may cross our paths at a critical moment opening us to new solutions. A friend may be prompted to say something that makes no sense to her, but is exactly what we needed to hear at the time.

We are magnetically drawn to those we feel a connection to. We may take on the role of awakener for each other. Sometimes we do this through the joys of meaningful and authentic relationship; at other times we are jolted into greater awareness when relationships force us to dig deeper through hurt and pain.  We are roused by life experience, questioning our circumstances, the challenges that place us in uncomfortable situations, hardships that turn our existence upside down. We seek to understand our world and our place within it. We seek to make sense of the who's, why's, what's where's.  We literally 'soul search' for ourself, to discover meaning, purpose for the life we live and also Life itself. 

4. We Find Our Course

Trekking along now, we sort out our personal and life truths. We may invest much of ourselves in the process of conscious individuation, in all manner of studies and interaction to soldify our understanding of what is. While the majority of the world engages in the mind level only, others-like you and me, seek true wholeness. We will follow the leads to the particular healing methods, teachers, mentors, systems, philosophies, structures that help us gain clairty. We will craft spiritualties suited to our personal needs, interests, resonances, and evolutionary direction.

5. We Take Up Our Purpose

We will answer the call to express our innate spiritual gifts and talents. We will step into our places as wise souls, wildwitches, priestesses and holy men of the sacred everday, emissaries of earth magic and bearers of truth. We become paradigm shifters, birthers of a new dream of wholeness, not just for ourselves, but for all. We become embodied awareness, divine and mortal co-creators.


1. My Purpose

I believe on the one hand, that we each have the very same purpose at this time: to wake up and live conscious lives. But, I also believe that we each have spheres of specific influence we prefer and gravitate to. Our purpose may or may not be a job, career or role. I've met many women who have never borne children, and yet radiate a depth of mothering essence. Purpose is the thing that is unique to us, that only we can do, even if thousands of others have the same title. It is the thing that burns inside us, that demands to be expressed.  Mine has taken various forms over the stages and ages, but healer is the heart of my path. I believe the healer is a space holder more than anything- one that provides a sanctuary for another to remember their way. Sure, we may have trainings and cred's that assist the homecoming process, but I've found it is often silence, compassion, a supportive ear, an unconditional acceptance that opens a mind, mends a heart, knits wounds closed, expands possibilities. I've learned that a combination of the two is often miraculous. 

2. Other Matters That Matter

Soul Economics

Sons of Goddess

Archetypes, Synchronicity, Symbols






Spiral & Circles

While for sake of explanation I've outlined steps in a linear fashion, I've not found that's really how it works. I've come to understand our SoulJourney in terms of spirals and circles. We generally spiral both up and down and can simutaneously work with a number of steps. We may forge ahead and revisit as needed. I believe in an evolution that is circular, inclusive. One that is labyrinthine, not pyramidical. That descends, moves inward










and we have mad dragon slaying skills too. 


It can be effortless and euphoric. It all depends...


We can awaken through what both pleases or hurts. From what nourishes or erodes. We can wake up subtly or abruptly. 




I call this option getting cracked upside the head with the cosmic two- by- four. 

However, we also catch glimpses of ourself through joyful and authentic relationship, we remember our true self as we find fulfilling ways to express our interests, skills and gifts. 

in  to understanding that we are mortal and eternal, human and divine.

into our wholeness

 and from there to live a life of conscious embodied purpose.


We were born wild

We get lost

We must begin within. We live a soul centric life.

The way out is within. the way 


A Wild Magic Life is a life lived truly. At its core is real life. When we live our Wild Magic Life we sign up for the full banquet; the messy, thrilling, crazymaking, blissful, badass buffet. This is the life we forge in the fires of our deepest wishes, dreams and disappointments, loss and sorrow too. It is the one you wrote about in your diary as a child, that you wished for on a starry night +  it’s the one that taought you that the one life hands you in the grown up world


We undertake the journey understanding we cannot predict each turn in the road, nor where it will take us; and as must be with any good adventure, there are times when we lose our way. We stumble into a briar patch, fall into a hidden trap. We may be pixie-led to otherworlds that seduce and charm us from our purpose, or persuade us to set aside our passion and gifts. We may sink into a realm of deep forgetting and illusion. And yet, we will also find each other and tell our stories by firelight, our tales of becoming. Together we whisper our secret dreams, call out our shadows, consecrate our holy wounds, honor our humanness, summon personal magics, raise powers that heal and make whole.



We acknowledge that our lives are meant to be fluid and changing, fresh, invigorating, sweet with challenge and opportunity to hone our awareness, power, creativity, beauty, to honor ourselves just as we are right now.



So Who Are We?


We are the awakening and the awakeners

We are the truth speakers and change wielders

We are creatives, makers, doers

We are healers, reminders, teachers

We are sensitives, visionaries, spirit seekers

We are the mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, elders, wise souls

We are witches, holy women, priests, nature lovers

We are beauty worshippers, storytellers

We are deep roots, still waters, compassionate hearts, star filled skies



What Do We Do Here?

Everything I do here centers on my passion for helping you to connect to who you are, who you are wired to be in this world, and to provide you with sacred tools to go out and be that. I work from the arche




sacturay and support to get on and stay on that path.  andfindrevolves around finding and living from our truest self. We remember this place with the help of the power of beauty, nature, spirit and story.  When I underwent my turning point, what I found was that these four


 Other important things you should know:

All Souls Welcome: Goddess centic work is inclusive and the call to serve the integration of both divine feminine and masculine is honored here.   While there may be certain offerings that pertain in particular to a woman's focus, overall, the learning center and sanctuary is for all.

Affordable For All: I want to be sure you can take part in Circle Magica's learning events, so you will see each has an investment option menu. The course work is the same, but you will choose the investment that serves your enthusiasm level and economic means. 

One scholarhip is available for each event. Inquire to apply.

Pay it Forward Option: You are invited to donate the cost of an event for another who would be otherwise unable to attend.