Integrative Healing


It is an honor to act as a guide in your healing journey to conscious wholeness.

As with Private Healing Sessions,  I meet you where you are with heart-centered support. My approach is grounded, practical, and empathetic. You will find only the deepest of respect for your story and life experiences.  My practice is a devotion to service, and to developing a high quality relationship with you. I collaborate with Spirit to provide a circle of safety, compassion and openness for your journey into Self, the place where your own inherent wisdom may be accessed. We facilitate process that deepens connection allowing you to understand why you are where you are, and how to get where you wish to go. We partner with you to chart an empowered path to heal suffering of all kinds and travel back to reclaim personal Sovereignty, well being and fulfillment.

An Integrative Healing includes a combination of  intutive messaging, guidance from our spirit guides, angelic companions, illumined ones, Tarot and /or Oracle card insight with energywork to allow for the deepest of integration and transformation. This combination can bring profound shifts in your life and opens you to living aligned with the truth of who you are.  Please come prepared with concerns you wish help with and are ready to work on.


$165- 1-1/2 hour

$475- 3 Sessions (Save $20)

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