Samhain Celebration

This year's celebration will be an intimate setting, here at the Little House. As in years gone by, we will follow custom with a guided meditation to meet with our Ancestors and spirit teachers, particiate in a messaging gallery for everyone practice to giving and receiving messages for the Pagan/Witch's New Year.  Take a turn at divination with:

~A water scrying station (a vessel filled with an herbal infusion of  mugwort) 

~Stones & Bones throwing

~Card readings 

~Serving Divination Tea + Soul Fortune Cakes

~Weather permitting we will make and burn (in the outdoor fire ring)  prayer bundles

~Feel free to bring a photo of an ancestor or relative to place on the altar, and /or  an item to charge

~Bring your favorite Tarot or Oracle deck to share


This is always a sold out venue so register early! 10 spots available.

Saturday October 28th 7pm.


EarlyBird  Pre-book & Pay 

$65 (ends October 1st)



Samhain Celebration
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