Harken! I sound this call to awaken you to a new awareness of spirit and an expansion of personal consciousness. I am the creative word that liberates you from learned limitations. Wake up and arise from constrictions of self-doubt, guilt and the false judgments of others. I will show you the way to revitalize your life and move into a new phase of higher awareness and purpose...My key phrase is the summons that is ‘heard and answered from within.’
— from The Spiritual Tarot:Seventy-Eight Paths of Personal Development

The Judgement Card, Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

 ShamanaTarot Workshop Intensives have emerged as a natural extension of the luminary teachings found within weekly ShamanaTarot Visionary Studies online classes. World times and cosmic tides have shifted- the need to join together to co-create individual and collective healing + awakening is obvious. In response, we are now hosting live in-person pathworking opportunities for the wider Circle Magica community.  Intensives provide both a safe and catalytic environment to free yourself of old story lines, wounds, limiting behaviors and patterns and to  re-claim whole-soul restoration, authenticity-reactivation,  higher-calling recognition and support for implementation. Pathworkers leave with  a purpose-directed perspective, embodying new world truth, aligned with a greater relationship to universal Love. 

The intensives are a unique blend of divination instruction from the Tarot archetypal symbology and meaning coupled with sacred shamanic journey work & deep healing ritual and ceremony. Intensive space is compassionately held, impeccably protected, laser focused with intention for personal transformation and (r)evolution. 

The basis for this intensive is rebirth.  We will discuss and get to know the messages/messengers behind the Judgement Card and access its power to promote higher awareness and calling.  We will learn/review how to shamanic journey with live drum playing to meet an animal ally to guide you on your second journey of dismemberment. We will undertake the classic dismemberment journey as an initiatory rite of death and rebirth, to change your energetic structure, help you to shift to a higher vibration, to become unstuck or to assist in a transition or role or major life change. We will close with ceremony to welcome this new you to the world. 

Instructions and prep notes, directions sent upon enrollment. Location: The Little House, North Andover, Ma.

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Group Intensive: Seven seats available. $75/pp.

PrivateMentor One-on-One Session: Same workshop material delivered with the benefits of a private session. Mutually convenient date/time arranged.  $225. 



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