SoulJourney with the Seasons


NEXT SESSION: Summer Solstice : Away with the Fay Realms

Monday June 20, 2016, 8pm EST


A Shamanic Ritual + Intuitive Message Blessed Event


Guided by an internal wisdom, we acknowledge a balance is necessary to live well, and so we join with each other at the turn of the Wheel, move to earth’s rhythms and incorporate seasonal rituals, honoring ancient memory and the sacred now.


Every season offers a chance for reinvention, renewal, reflection. The Summer Solstice will find us celebrating with the Faery Realms. This is a time to play, feel joy running through our veins, to slip between the veil and revel with our Fay family and friends. 

This Live Event includes:

~Discussion on Summer Solstice

~ A full Shamanic Ritual with live drum led journey.

~Intuitive messages for each SoulJourneyer (13 is our max)

~ A Sacred Mist from the Magic Apothecary  to use along in the ritual. 

 (for example our spring equinox set: root & awaken)

(for example our spring equinox set: root & awaken)

~Journal prompts + intention sheets to prep ahead for the event

~Optional opportunity: Post private session to deepen your souljourney work with me scheduled at a mutually convenient time.


June 20th, 8pm EST (enrollment open)

One scholarship opportunity available


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Instructions for event and Journal Prompt/Intention sheets emailed upon enrollment.


Summer Solstice Session: Monday June 20, 8pm, EST

Autumn Equinox Session: September 21, 8pm, EST

Winter Solstice Session: December 20, 8pm, EST